NITE 1.5.1 - API Reference

XnVMathCommon.h File Reference

#include <math.h>
#include <XnOS.h>
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namespace  XnVMathCommon


void XnVMathCommon::Exchange (XnFloat &a, XnFloat &b)
void XnVMathCommon::ExchangeSort (XnFloat &a, XnFloat &b)
void XnVMathCommon::ExchangeSort (XnFloat &a, XnFloat &b, XnFloat &c)
XnFloat XnVMathCommon::Sqr (XnFloat a)
XnFloat XnVMathCommon::Max (XnFloat a, XnFloat b)
XnFloat XnVMathCommon::Min (XnFloat a, XnFloat b)
XnFloat XnVMathCommon::MaxAbs (XnFloat a, XnFloat b)
XnFloat XnVMathCommon::MinAbs (XnFloat a, XnFloat b)
XnUInt16 XnVMathCommon::ArgMax (XnFloat a, XnFloat b)
XnUInt16 XnVMathCommon::ArgMax (XnFloat a, XnFloat b, XnFloat c)
XnUInt16 XnVMathCommon::ArgMin (XnFloat a, XnFloat b)
XnUInt16 XnVMathCommon::ArgMin (XnFloat a, XnFloat b, XnFloat c)
XnBool XnVMathCommon::IsZero (XnFloat f, XnFloat fTolerance)


const XnFloat XnVMathCommon::PI = 3.14159265f
const XnFloat XnVMathCommon::HALF_PI = (PI/2)