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XnVComplexMessage Class Reference

#include <XnVComplexMessage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XnVComplexMessage (const XnChar *strType=ms_strType)
virtual ~XnVComplexMessage ()
XnVMessageoperator[] (const XnChar *strType)
void Add (XnVMessage *pMessage)
XnVMessageRemove (const XnChar *strType)
void Clear ()
XnVMessageClone () const

Static Public Attributes

static const XnChar * ms_strType

Private Attributes

XnVMessage ** m_pMessages
XnUInt32 m_nNextAvailable
XnUInt32 m_nSize

Detailed Description

A XnVComplexMessage is a Message which holds additional Messages

Definition at line 17 of file XnVComplexMessage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XnVComplexMessage::XnVComplexMessage ( const XnChar *  strType = ms_strType)

Constructor. Create a new empty Complex Message

[in]strTypeThe type of the the complex message. Default is "Complex"
virtual XnVComplexMessage::~XnVComplexMessage ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void XnVComplexMessage::Add ( XnVMessage pMessage)

Add a Message to the Complex Message

[in]pMessageThe Message to add to the Complex Message
void XnVComplexMessage::Clear ( )

Remove all internal Messages

XnVMessage* XnVComplexMessage::Clone ( ) const [virtual]

Create a new Message of the same type (Complex Message), with the same data (the same internal Messages)

The new message

Implements XnVMessage.

XnVMessage* XnVComplexMessage::operator[] ( const XnChar *  strType) [virtual]

Get the internal Message that matches the type

[in]strTypeThe type of the internal message
The internal Message that matches the type, or NULL if one doesn't exist.

Reimplemented from XnVMessage.

XnVMessage* XnVComplexMessage::Remove ( const XnChar *  strType)

Remove a message from the Complex Message

[in]strTypeThe type of the Message to remove
The Message matching the type, NULL if no such message

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 70 of file XnVComplexMessage.h.

XnUInt32 XnVComplexMessage::m_nSize [private]

Definition at line 71 of file XnVComplexMessage.h.

Definition at line 69 of file XnVComplexMessage.h.

const XnChar* XnVComplexMessage::ms_strType [static]

The default type for Complex Messages - "Complex"

Definition at line 67 of file XnVComplexMessage.h.

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