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XnVPointFilter Class Reference

#include <XnVPointFilter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XnVPointFilter (const XnChar *strName="XnVPointFilter")
void Update (XnVMessage *pMessage)
void ClearQueue ()
void GenerateReplaced (XnVMessage *pMessage, XnVMultipleHands &newHands)
void OverridePrimary (XnUInt32 nNewPrimary)

Detailed Description

A filter (listener/generator) which expects its messages to be PointMessages.

Definition at line 18 of file XnVPointFilter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XnVPointFilter::XnVPointFilter ( const XnChar *  strName = "XnVPointFilter")


[in]strNameName of the control, for log purposes.

Member Function Documentation

void XnVPointFilter::ClearQueue ( ) [virtual]

Clear the Multi-threading queue

Reimplemented from XnVMessageListener.

void XnVPointFilter::GenerateReplaced ( XnVMessage pMessage,
XnVMultipleHands newHands 

Replace the point part of the message, and generate it

[in]pMessageThe message now handling (expects a PointMessage or a ComplexMessage with an internal PointMessage)
[in]newHandsThe hands that are to replace the ones in the original message
void XnVPointFilter::OverridePrimary ( XnUInt32  nNewPrimary)

Change the primary ID. If the new primary doesn't exist, it will be turned off. This takes affect inside the GenerateReplaced function.

[in]nNewPrimaryThe ID that is to be the new primary. Use 0 to return to default
void XnVPointFilter::Update ( XnVMessage pMessage) [virtual]

Send the receives message as-is, allowing Point based callbacks.

Reimplemented from XnVPointControl.

Reimplemented in XnVPointArea, XnVPointDenoiser, and XnVVirtualCoordinates.

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