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XnVSessionGenerator Class Reference

#include <XnVSessionGenerator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XnVSessionGenerator (const XnChar *strName="XnVSessionGenerator")
virtual ~XnVSessionGenerator ()
XnVHandle RegisterSession (XnVSessionListener *pListener)
XnVHandle RegisterSession (void *cxt, XnVSessionListener::OnSessionStartCB StartCB, XnVSessionListener::OnSessionEndCB EndCB, XnVSessionListener::OnFocusStartDetectedCB MidCB=NULL)
void UnregisterSession (XnVSessionListener *pSessionListener)
void UnregisterSession (XnVHandle nHandle)
XnBool IsInSession () const
virtual XnStatus LosePoint (XnUInt32 nID)=0
virtual XnStatus LosePoints ()=0
virtual XnStatus EndSession ()=0
virtual XnStatus ForceSession (const XnPoint3D &ptFocus)=0
virtual XnStatus TrackPoint (const XnPoint3D &pt)=0
XnStatus GetFocusPoint (XnPoint3D &ptFocus) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SessionStart (const XnPoint3D &ptPosition)
virtual void SessionMidGesture (const XnChar *strFocus, const XnPoint3D &ptFocus, XnFloat fProgress)
virtual void SessionStop ()

Protected Attributes

XnBool m_bInSession
XnPoint3D m_ptFocusPoint
XnPoint3D m_ptStartTrackingPoint
XnVSessionListenerList * m_pSessionListeners

Detailed Description

A Session Generator generates Session Messages and calls SessionListener's callbacks

Definition at line 19 of file XnVSessionGenerator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XnVSessionGenerator::XnVSessionGenerator ( const XnChar *  strName = "XnVSessionGenerator")

Constructor. Create a new Session Generator

[in]strNameA name, for Log use
virtual XnVSessionGenerator::~XnVSessionGenerator ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual XnStatus XnVSessionGenerator::EndSession ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus XnVSessionGenerator::ForceSession ( const XnPoint3D &  ptFocus) [pure virtual]
XnStatus XnVSessionGenerator::GetFocusPoint ( XnPoint3D &  ptFocus) const
XnBool XnVSessionGenerator::IsInSession ( ) const

Tells if currently in Session

TRUE if in Session (Started but never Stopped), FALSE otherwise

Reimplemented in XnVSessionManager.

virtual XnStatus XnVSessionGenerator::LosePoint ( XnUInt32  nID) [pure virtual]

Stop tracking a specific point

[in]nIDThe ID of the point to stop track

Implemented in XnVMultiProcessFlowClient, and XnVSessionManager.

virtual XnStatus XnVSessionGenerator::LosePoints ( ) [pure virtual]

Stop tracking all points

Implemented in XnVMultiProcessFlowClient, and XnVSessionManager.

XnVHandle XnVSessionGenerator::RegisterSession ( XnVSessionListener pListener)

Add a listener for Session events

[in]pListenerThe listener to be called on session events
A handle, allowing unregistering.
XnVHandle XnVSessionGenerator::RegisterSession ( void *  cxt,
XnVSessionListener::OnSessionStartCB  StartCB,
XnVSessionListener::OnSessionEndCB  EndCB,
XnVSessionListener::OnFocusStartDetectedCB  MidCB = NULL 

Add a functions to be called on Session events, with a specific context

[in]cxtThe context to use when calling the functions
[in]StartCBThe function to call when a new Session has started
[in]EndCBThe function to call when the Session has ended
[in]MidCBThe (optional) function to call when a focus gesture started
A handle, allowing unregistering.
virtual void XnVSessionGenerator::SessionMidGesture ( const XnChar *  strFocus,
const XnPoint3D &  ptFocus,
XnFloat  fProgress 
) [protected, virtual]
virtual void XnVSessionGenerator::SessionStart ( const XnPoint3D &  ptPosition) [protected, virtual]
virtual void XnVSessionGenerator::SessionStop ( ) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in XnVSessionManager.

virtual XnStatus XnVSessionGenerator::TrackPoint ( const XnPoint3D &  pt) [pure virtual]
void XnVSessionGenerator::UnregisterSession ( XnVSessionListener pSessionListener)

Unregister a previously registered Session Listener

[in]pSessionListenerThe session listener that was registered
void XnVSessionGenerator::UnregisterSession ( XnVHandle  nHandle)

Unregister previously registered Session Listener or functions, by handle

[in]nHandleThe handle received on registration

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 92 of file XnVSessionGenerator.h.

XnVSessionListenerList* XnVSessionGenerator::m_pSessionListeners [protected]

Definition at line 96 of file XnVSessionGenerator.h.

XnPoint3D XnVSessionGenerator::m_ptFocusPoint [protected]

Definition at line 93 of file XnVSessionGenerator.h.

Definition at line 94 of file XnVSessionGenerator.h.

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