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XnVWaveDetector Class Reference

#include <XnVWaveDetector.h>

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Public Types

typedef void(XN_CALLBACK_TYPE * WaveCB )(void *pUserCxt)

Public Member Functions

 XnVWaveDetector (const XnChar *strName="XnVWaveDetector")
 ~XnVWaveDetector ()
void OnPrimaryPointCreate (const XnVHandPointContext *pContext, const XnPoint3D &ptFocus)
void OnPrimaryPointUpdate (const XnVHandPointContext *pContext)
void OnPrimaryPointReplace (XnUInt32 nOldId, const XnVHandPointContext *pContext)
void OnPrimaryPointDestroy (XnUInt32 nID)
XnCallbackHandle RegisterWave (void *cxt, WaveCB pCB)
void UnregisterWave (XnCallbackHandle handle)
void Reset ()
void SetFlipCount (XnInt32 nFlipCount)
void SetMinLength (XnInt32 nMinLength)
void SetMaxDeviation (XnInt32 nMaxDeviation)
XnInt32 GetFlipCount () const
XnInt32 GetMinLength () const
XnInt32 GetMaxDeviation () const

Protected Attributes

XnVWaveContext * m_pContext
XnVEvent * m_pWaveCBs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file XnVWaveDetector.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(XN_CALLBACK_TYPE * XnVWaveDetector::WaveCB)(void *pUserCxt)

Type for the wave event callbacks

Definition at line 25 of file XnVWaveDetector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XnVWaveDetector::XnVWaveDetector ( const XnChar *  strName = "XnVWaveDetector")

Create the wave control

[in]strNameName of the control, for log purposes.
XnVWaveDetector::~XnVWaveDetector ( )

Member Function Documentation

XnInt32 XnVWaveDetector::GetFlipCount ( ) const
XnInt32 XnVWaveDetector::GetMaxDeviation ( ) const
XnInt32 XnVWaveDetector::GetMinLength ( ) const
void XnVWaveDetector::OnPrimaryPointCreate ( const XnVHandPointContext pContext,
const XnPoint3D &  ptFocus 
) [virtual]

Called when the primary point is created.

[in]pContextThe hand context of the newly created primary point
[in]ptFocusThe point in which the session has started.

Reimplemented from XnVPointControl.

void XnVWaveDetector::OnPrimaryPointDestroy ( XnUInt32  nID) [virtual]

Called when the primary point is destroyed

[in]nIDThe ID of the hand that was the primary point

Reimplemented from XnVPointControl.

void XnVWaveDetector::OnPrimaryPointReplace ( XnUInt32  nOldId,
const XnVHandPointContext pContext 
) [virtual]

Called when the primary point is replaced by another. This will reinitialize the algorithm for the new hand

[in]nOldIdThe ID of the old primary point
[in]pContextThe hand context of the new primary point

Reimplemented from XnVPointControl.

void XnVWaveDetector::OnPrimaryPointUpdate ( const XnVHandPointContext pContext) [virtual]

Called when the primary point is updated. This will cause the algorithm to look for waves.

[in]pContextThe hand context of the updated primary point

Reimplemented from XnVPointControl.

XnCallbackHandle XnVWaveDetector::RegisterWave ( void *  cxt,
WaveCB  pCB 

Register for the wave event

[in]cxtUser's context
[in]pCBThe Callback to call when the event is invoked.
A handle, to allow unregistration.
void XnVWaveDetector::Reset ( )

Reset the algorithm.

void XnVWaveDetector::SetFlipCount ( XnInt32  nFlipCount)
void XnVWaveDetector::SetMaxDeviation ( XnInt32  nMaxDeviation)
void XnVWaveDetector::SetMinLength ( XnInt32  nMinLength)
void XnVWaveDetector::UnregisterWave ( XnCallbackHandle  handle)

Unregister from the wave event

[in]handleThe handle provided on registration.

Member Data Documentation

XnVWaveContext* XnVWaveDetector::m_pContext [protected]

Definition at line 93 of file XnVWaveDetector.h.

XnVEvent* XnVWaveDetector::m_pWaveCBs [protected]

Definition at line 94 of file XnVWaveDetector.h.

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