OpenNI 1.5.2

Creating OpenNI Modules

OpenNI is a plugin system. It defines the interfaces and data flow of common 3D computer vision types.

One can create a new OpenNI module. An OpenNI module is a shared-library which exports one or more node implementation.

In this section, we'll go over the necessary steps of creating such a module.


OpenNI native interface is written in C. However, just as there are C++ wrappers for the API, there are also C++ wrappers for creating modules. Using the C++ wrappers is the easiest way to create a new module, so all further explanations will assume the use of C++.

Creating new modules in C is not covered currently in this documentation.

Defining Nodes Topology

Creating a Node Implementation

Creating a Node Exporter

Module Entry Points

Registering the new Module